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Missing … – Flash Fiction – June 30, 2016

Missing …. Boots, bibs and straw hats, among other things, were what she was searching for in the antique shop.    She’d found a baseball bat, a ball, hippy beads and a guitar from the sixties – records, a mug … bits … Continue reading

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Haibun – June 22, 2016

  When we drove off from my sister’s house, the sun was shining and it was blisteringly hot, as it often is in Southern Illinois from late June to early September.  We were off on our daily visit to Mother.   My sister had decided that … Continue reading

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Monday Power Short – May 2, 2016

    The Romantic Mini-Holiday Bobbing in the boat at dawn Mary yawned.  She remembered all his talk about a romantic mini holiday to Lake Garda.  She’d looked at the brochures he’d brought home and absorbed countless on-line videos.  She’d imagined walks along tree-shaded beached, … Continue reading

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Passing Time With Cicadas – Haibun – April 6, 2016

(Inspired by: the stillness – seeping into the rocks cicadas’ screech © Matsuo Basho) Summer evenings back in Illinois in the early 1960s were full of voices of children screeching as they played tag,  basketball or maybe croquet.  Back then it … Continue reading

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A is for Awakening – AToZ Blogging Challenge – April 1, 2016

The pain had been terrible … the disorientation worse.  As the maelstrom of the birth-pangs racked her body, her mind drifted into some warm fuzzy greenish place created by the drugs they’d given her.  She’d become almost completely unaware of what … Continue reading

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Hidden Visions – Haibun – February 16, 2016

I walk through the  town square and it occurs to me that all these tourists snapping their photographs and drinking their drinks at the side-walk cafes are completely oblivious to the cares and worries of our daily lives.  We walk in different dimensions. They’ll … Continue reading

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The Voice – Science Fiction – January 28, 2016

Abandoned … this house and all that is hidden within.  Years of silence has fallen upon the house but once there was the sound of human life.  Not only is the house abandoned, the whole town has been abandoned.  If you look inside … Continue reading

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Ghostly Keys – Short Fiction – January 21, 2016

In the silence rusty locks creak as ghostly keys open the cells. Through the dust mote dance in the light a daily life continues.  The shuffling of the slippered women in drab drill smocks shuffle down the corridor out into a hall. … Continue reading

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A Voyage – Flash Fiction – January 18, 2016

  Riding down a country road, the snow lays even and crisp, the trees laced in fairy ice and a soft piece of music plays on the radio. There’s no pressing schedule, just being together is enough, we’ve nothing to … Continue reading

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