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A is for Awakening – AToZ Blogging Challenge – April 1, 2016

The pain had been terrible … the disorientation worse.  As the maelstrom of the birth-pangs racked her body, her mind drifted into some warm fuzzy greenish place created by the drugs they’d given her.  She’d become almost completely unaware of what … Continue reading

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Snow Dreams – Short Fiction – January 18, 2016

There’s something mystical in the first snow fall of the year. A special quality of silence, Janice thought,  one could almost hear the snowflakes fall. She’d arrived early and was waiting for the night shift to get off.  Listening to classical music, she began to day-dream. She … Continue reading

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A Sunny Cafe – Flash Fiction – January 4, 2016

The sun streamed into the brightly decorated cafe at the train station. This obscene happiness should be banned, Judith thought.  Today of all days should have been grey, cold and rainy. Their son came into the cafe and headed straight … Continue reading

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The Benches – June 3, 2015

Walking down the pier that bright summer morning, I saw not a soul – nor a bird just rows and rows of benches.  That cool bright dawn … looking out to sea I felt an invitation – come and sail with me and in the … Continue reading

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