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Monday Power Short – May 2, 2016

    The Romantic Mini-Holiday Bobbing in the boat at dawn Mary yawned.  She remembered all his talk about a romantic mini holiday to Lake Garda.  She’d looked at the brochures he’d brought home and absorbed countless on-line videos.  She’d imagined walks along tree-shaded beached, … Continue reading

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The Farm – Short Fiction – January 12, 2016

The crows cawed somewhere overhead.  The two tourists looked at each other, neither feeling quite at ease.  They’d come upon an old farm abandoned for many years. Rīs Grainger’s wife had had a thing with a passing tinker, he’d caught them abed, beat the tinker to a … Continue reading

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Cincuenta and Shadorma – April 27, 2015

What is this sound just lightning’s lament this day is done Its angry voice makes the hills tremble fearfully! Raging storm So the feast day ends I wonder … Are there days When only the sun shines bright must rain … Continue reading

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