Missing … – Flash Fiction – June 30, 2016

Missing ….

Boots, bibs and straw hats, among other things, were what she was searching for in the antique shop.    She’d found a baseball bat, a ball, hippy beads and a guitar from the sixties – records, a mug … bits and pieces of things that could have been part of his life.

Ah perfect!” she exalted to herself as she snapped a few more photos ” There’s his shoes. So where is his metal lunchbox?” 

Months later in the Jason gallery hung her collage in commemoration of his life.  She’d created and dedicated it to war and it was the centre of the collection.  A collage of things she’d found and wove together in a five foot square black and white photo of boots, bibs and straw hats, among the other things, she’d collected, things he might have used. She’d called it the missing soldier and it was surrounded by photographs of explosions and dead bodies.   That’s all she had of him, he’d never came home from the war to his wife and daughter.

Missing ….

© Gsk ‘16




About Georgia

I love to read...I like to write...I've travelled the world and seen the sites. I'm past my prime and feel so young, especially when near the young. I'm writing this blog, to remember, to think and to share...with the hopes that someone else will make a comment that will stimulate new thoughts and pathways. Actually, I'm a gabber, so the logical extension of gabbing is blogging! ;-)
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11 Responses to Missing … – Flash Fiction – June 30, 2016

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  2. Sue says:

    Good write, Georgia

  3. ghostmmnc says:

    ❤ love this very powerful and emotional piece

  4. Graham Lawrence says:

    Nicely written tale. An enjoyable thoughtful read nicely timed too.

  5. swritings says:

    Very well penned. Powerful ending. 🙂

  6. luckyjc007 says:

    Great story! A wonderful tribute to him.

  7. This is certainly an emotional tale that has been really well put together.

  8. athling2001 says:

    Wow! Great story. I felt her loss and hoped she might move on with her life.

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