Passing Time With Cicadas – Haibun – April 6, 2016

(Inspired by:

the stillness –
seeping into the rocks
cicadas’ screech

© Matsuo Basho)

Summer evenings back in Illinois in the early 1960s were full of voices of children screeching as they played tag,  basketball or maybe croquet.  Back then it seemed that the cicadas screeched louder and longer trying to make their voices heard over the kids.

When I went back to visit my home state in the summer of 2013, the first thing I noticed was the silence in the streets.  What was missing was the sound of children playing.  The park equipped with swings, see-saws and other equipment,  in the small town where my sister lived, was far better than we had ever had when we were growing up but these were deserted.  Where were the children?

“At home playing video-games or surfing the web I suppose.” My sister answered me.

The one thing that hadn’t changed though were the cicadas.  In the silence of the playground and lanes their screeching filled the air, and their screeching hadn’t diminished at all.

summer evenings
into the growing silence
the cicadas’ song

© G.s.k. ’16

Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille.


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I love to read...I like to write...I've travelled the world and seen the sites. I'm past my prime and feel so young, especially when near the young. I'm writing this blog, to remember, to think and to share...with the hopes that someone else will make a comment that will stimulate new thoughts and pathways. Actually, I'm a gabber, so the logical extension of gabbing is blogging! ;-)
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15 Responses to Passing Time With Cicadas – Haibun – April 6, 2016

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  2. Rall says:

    There is a real shift in society with technology. Children’s play is really a thing of the past. It is all very alien. Cicadas mean summer to me as well. Although our winters are not cold I always am so sad to see Summer go.

    • Bastet says:

      Yes … times change … I sometimes think that the years in which I was growing were sort of in a time oasis. Just a few years before children were employed on farms then factories even at very young ages and there wasn’t much time for “play” … now play is more a cerebral exercise rather than all the running about of my days … As for summer, I’ve lived in many climates and i have to admit that I’ve not always been unhappy to see summer pass …

  3. Paloma says:

    Same here … silent, except for the cicadas and birds. Nicely done, Bastet

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  5. Oliana says:

    Lovely haibun, cara!! I think there are Burroughs where parcs are busy with children. The park on the street near my workplace is busy on certain times…after dinner…sometimes daycares go which I got a few shots of those lovelies marching hand in hand to play. But there are long stretches no youths there. When I finish work at 10pm., there are teenagers and young adults. Of course that is the city in Montreal but in my neighbourhood, there are more youths who go on their own but not like when my kids were little. Video games could be one reason I suppose.

    • Bastet says:

      It’s more or less the same here … kids used to be out and about a whole lot more when my kids were growing up … but not in the city – the Italian are very apprehensive of letting their children go out alone even to parks in cities. In smaller places I think it is the video games and TV etc. here as well – but basically I think the parents are happier like that. (Italians don’t have a lot of children – in fact usually one child is the norm, so they’re very prudent .. not to say anxious about their children.)

      • Oliana says:

        one child is certainly a change…I think two is the average here; my daughter has 3 sons now in her blended family and they are always busy with hockey…all three from September to end of April. Soccer was the game after until end of August but they are tired now…the kids play a lot in their yard of the fields nearby.

      • Bastet says:

        Well just the one is a tendency that’s become fixed over the last 40 years. Zero population growth isn’t an ideal to tend towards but a fact and even the immigrants who’ve lived here for any length of time have stopped have lots of babies. I think that it’s got to do with having enough money to provide the children with a quality upbringing. They usually don’t even get married before their late twenties or early thirties … and often live at home before they do get married. Renting a house is very expensive, if you can find one to rent – and getting a job that supports oneself and one’s family is another difficult thing to find in Italy.

      • Oliana says:

        So true. It is much more challenging financially today

      • Bastet says:

        All too true.

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