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The Hudsucker Proxy – Friday Fictioneers – March 31, 2016

The world below looked like a toy world.  Toy cars, miniature people, even the sounds that drifted up to me seemed somehow make-believe.  Hard to believe that just twenty-four hours before I’d been walking through the country-side of Indiana … a … Continue reading

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A walk in snow – haibun – March 30, 2016

Down and down into the snow … or was it snow?  Could it be cotton-wool, maybe something else. I really couldn’t be sure, the stuff wasn’t viscus … nor particularly sticky.  On the other hand, it wasn’t really cold either. … Continue reading

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Paradox (Writing Technique) – Haibun – March 14, 2016

Walking in a dangerous forest is probably not the best place to find inner peace.  Think of the man who found himself chased through the forest by a tiger, his only salvation was to climb down a cliff.  He  climbed down … Continue reading

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Life in Italy (Humidity) – Haibun – March 10, 2016

Italy, often called “sunny Italy” because the 19th century rich English aristocrats who came from their wet “gloomy” island felt Italy was a land of marvellous eternal sunshine (as well as quite impossible to visit in full summer due to its extreme heat).  One must … Continue reading

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