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The Farm – Short Fiction – January 12, 2016

The crows cawed somewhere overhead.  The two tourists looked at each other, neither feeling quite at ease.  They’d come upon an old farm abandoned for many years. Rīs Grainger’s wife had had a thing with a passing tinker, he’d caught them abed, beat the tinker to a … Continue reading

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Golden Winter Sun – Science Fiction – January 7, 2016

  A prison can be many things … and not all prisons can be seen she thought as she walked around her elegantly decorated cell.  The weak golden winter sun beamed off the iced barbed wire just beyond her window, … Continue reading

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Exact – Six Sentence Story – January 4, 2016

“History is not an exact science neither are psychology, philosophy nor, nor … Macrobiotics!” he shouted in a rage having lost control. “History may not be an exact science but if it was taken more seriously, the errors learned when applied … Continue reading

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A Sunny Cafe – Flash Fiction – January 4, 2016

The sun streamed into the brightly decorated cafe at the train station. This obscene happiness should be banned, Judith thought.  Today of all days should have been grey, cold and rainy. Their son came into the cafe and headed straight … Continue reading

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Clang, Clang, Clang – Sunday Photo Fiction – January 3, 2015

The old video came over the computer with the verve and happiness of another age.  Mildred, now in her eighties smiled and began to sing along with the old tune.  Her grand-kids watched her and the inverted crystal cone near … Continue reading

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