Snow Dreams – Short Fiction – January 18, 2016

139 01 January 17th 2016There’s something mystical in the first snow fall of the year. A special quality of silence, Janice thought,  one could almost hear the snowflakes fall.

She’d arrived early and was waiting for the night shift to get off.  Listening to classical music, she began to day-dream.

She woke-up with a start, cold penetrating into her bones.  She’d no longer been day-dreaming but soundly sleeping.  The windscreen was covered in snow, the silence was penetrating almost unearthly.

She’d no idea how long she’d been dozing, maybe an hour.  No, more, her audio player was nearly at the end of it’s eight-hour playlist. Light filtered through the snow.  She tried to open the car door.  Stuck.  Panic began to flow into her and  fear’s voice had moved its register from a whisper to a shout.

“Crap, crap, crap! I’ve got to get out of here!” she said on the verge of tears.  She remembered her phone and pulled it out of her pocket.  Hit her emergency number, put the phone to her ear – dead.

Then she heard the knock on the window: “Hello Janice. Sorry I’m late, I’ve come to pick you up.” said a chilly voice.

© G.s.k. ‘16


When I was a teenager in Alaska every once in a while someone would freeze to death, maybe they’d had too much to drink or their car broke down.  We were told by instructors and adults that what would happen was that one would just fall to sleep and never wake up and that one had to try to stay awake.  I think that probably there’s a lot worse ways to die …


About Georgia

I love to read...I like to write...I've travelled the world and seen the sites. I'm past my prime and feel so young, especially when near the young. I'm writing this blog, to remember, to think and to share...with the hopes that someone else will make a comment that will stimulate new thoughts and pathways. Actually, I'm a gabber, so the logical extension of gabbing is blogging! ;-)
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16 Responses to Snow Dreams – Short Fiction – January 18, 2016

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  2. Steve Lakey says:

    Seems like Janice was lucky this time. A ‘chilling’ reminder at the end!

  3. Paloma says:

    Yes, much worse ways to go ….

  4. a cheery voice? the reaper? :O
    i hope it’s a happy end and thanks for sharing!

    • Bastet says:

      I’m a Terry Pratchett fan .. and I don’t see death as necessarily a tragedy for the deceased … those left behind of course is a different kettle of fish. I don’t remember who said it, but it’s been said that death is the next great adventure …

  5. That last segment, the explanation, turns the saviour into something more ominous.

  6. rogershipp says:

    Daydreaming will be the death of her yet.. she was lucky this time!

    • Bastet says:

      Alas, alas …. I’m sorry to say that it was the death of her … I guess I’m going to have to take out that “cheery voice”, it’s caused a lot of confusion.

    • Bastet says:

      I’ve changed that last line from a cheery voice to a chilly voice .. does it make it clearer that the grim reaper came to pick her up?

      • rogershipp says:

        It helped…. There is nothing wrong with leaving your reader debating???

      • Bastet says:

        True .. you do have a point there and perhaps I should have left it ambivalent (which it still is but less so)… in fact some realized that it was death apologizing for being late others thought it was a friend .. all due to a word!

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